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The next level of citizenship

India is one of the world's youngest and most dynamic democracies and our democracy can only be effective when its citizens are aware, active and informed. 

Information on the roles of responsibilities of citizens is not readily accessible. Most citizens are at a loss as to how to vote, how to participate as active citizens in society, where to find answers to questions on civic matters and how to engage with elected representatives and neighborhood communities.

Manipal ProLearn has partnered with Janaagraha to create “CitizenPro”, a free online course to educate citizens on their role and the roles of government towards building active citizens.

This course will help you understand how you can become an active citizen protecting and upholding your fundamental rights and duties. After taking this course we hope that you will make a transition from a citizen to CitizenPro.


the process of voting and why should you vote

Know the right approach to resolve commonly faced problems

Free online course which can be taken up at your convenience

Course Curriculum

Know your Civic Quotient

Test your Civic Quotient and check where you stand on the Citizenship ladder


Know your Goverment

City Challenges

The importance of Voting and understanding the process to register and Vote

Understand the Central, State and Local government structure

Common challenges faced and ways to resolve them

Citizen Participation

Ways in which citizens can contribute to society

Success Stories

Success stories of motivated individuals who were able to make a difference

Why is it important to vote and understanding the process of voting

Know the right approach to resolve commonly faced problems

Learning Outcomes

Know how your Government is structured across levels

Determine your position on the Citizenship Ladder

Course Certificate

On completion of this course, you will get a certificate which will acknowledge your effort towards being a responsible citizen, and you can call yourself "CitizenPro" - the next level of citizen

Shareable Certificate

Course Videos & Readings

Speaker Profiles

Sapna Karim

Executive Committee, Janaagraha

With Janaagraha since its inception 18 years ago, she currently heads the Civic Participation Program, she works with city governments and community groups across the country.

Mathangi Chandrasekhar

Advocacy Manager, Janaagraha

Mathangi is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She is currently working on municipal finance reforms projects in the States of Jharkhand and Karnataka, besides the 15th Finance Commission Recommendations. 

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

Managing Partner, Multiversal Advisory

An active civic evangelist, she may be lauded as the co-founder of CfB, which initiated the famed Steel Flyover Beda movement in Bangalore and is equally committed to heritage as the founder of #HeritageBeku.

Kuldeep Dantewadia

Co-founder and CEO, Reap Benefit

Kuldeep has been part of many neighbourhood clean-up drives, setting up waste management systems and has won several accolades including being elected as Ashoka’s Lead Changemaker, MIT GSW Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, Unreasonable Fellow, and more.

Naresh V Narasimhan

Architect, Urbanist & Activist

Naresh is well known for his long-term association with Venkataramanan Associates (an award-winning architectural firm) & is the founder of Imagine Bangalore. He is a regular advisor to government bodies & has fueled many progressive causes.

Mohan Govindiah

Masters in Public Administration

Mohan is engaged in many social activities like black spot eradication, night patrolling, waste segregation awareness, plastic ban, community policing to name a few.

Rajeev Ravindranathan

Actor, Advertising Professional - People

Rajeev is an actor, director, writer, and advertising professional. He has directed a film that uses satire to oppose the elevated flyover in Bangalore& has been instrumental in the adoption of comprehensive waste management and composting.

V R Vachana

Advocacy Manager, Janaagraha

Vachana works in urban policy research and advocacy and has been working closely with governments to advocate systemic urban reforms in India. 

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