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What is the perfect recipe for building an organisation that is capable of constantly innovating while enduring change? Even a few years ago, the answer would have been – building a team with requisite technical and work experience. But today’s business climate demands collaborative working and multidisciplinary project teams, making human capital the lynchpin of business success. This is putting relentless pressure on HR to leverage leaders and managers with superior people management skills – not just technical expertise.

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Lean Six Sigma plays a pivotal role in advancing the supply chain production processes. Lean Six Sigma’s dedicated focus on eliminating waste and eradicating defects makes it a powerful tool in the area of continual improvement of processes. Many organizations use Lean Six Sigma for variance reduction when it comes to processes in their supply chains.

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Whether we are booking a taxi, waiting for one, choosing a restaurant or checking out other people’s random life updates and work anniversaries - we have all acquired the involuntary habit of fiddling with our phones and thinking with our thumbs.

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What is a PMI® R.E.P.?

R.E.P. is a program created by PMI® to establish network of qualified education providers for professionals seeking PMI certification, and for PMI-certified professionals seeking to maintain their certification by earning Professional. 

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You must have read about the 4Ps of marketing- product, price, place and promotion in your marketing course, seminar or articles.

If you have not don't worry. Here is a small introduction.

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Here is a quick quiz.

Question one. Out of the following process groups, which one has the least number of processes?

A.Planning process group

B.Executing process group

C.Monitoring and controlling process group


Well, the answers and also their justifications are as follows.

1. Avoid. “I drop the plans to drive much to wifey’s dismay and decide to take the bus instead”. This is a classic case of avoid. I know there is a risk in me driving, I decide to not to drive at all. Since I am not at the wheel, there is no risk of me causing an accident. 

You would avoid a risk if the impact is significant and there is not much that you can do. 


It was a Friday evening.  Kids’ vacations were just around the corner. Wifey and kids and me were talking about the vacation plan.

“Daddy, let’s go to New Zealand this time” said the younger one.  “My best friend went there last year. They took a car over there and drove. Puhleez , daddy …”. I was wondering if we had made a mistake putting the younger one in a very elite school.

digital marketing strategy

It was observed that by the year 2012 more than 3 quarters of businesses around the world did not have any digital marketing strategy. Though the numbers have decreased, but till 2016 around 66% of the organisation were still delusional regarding digital marketing. This article complies a few reasons which indicate that your business should implement digital marketing strategies for growth and development.

why inventory management

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory is a term used to describe unsold goods and material that can exist in a store, the back room or a warehouse.

project planning technique

No matter how big or small a project is, it must be efficiently managed to make sure its goals are met. Project managers must be well aware of the roles and responsibilities they have, what the need to designate and be acquainted with the tools and techniques of project management by the back of their hands. 

management planning key project

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” – Winston Churchill

Did you know that 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their projects will fail and the United States economy loses $50-$150 billion per year due to failed IT projects? Appalling isn’t it? 

project scope appreciation

Continuing on the scope baseline is the project manager’s best friend story.

guide to online reputation management

Your reputation is important. Period! While the World Wide Web has changed how we connect with others, businesses are no longer just selling to a passive customer! With the gigantic escalation of social media and user-generated reviews and responses, connecting with customers has gone way beyond mere brochures, TV and paper ads. Alright, so going by the words of Warren Buffet, here’s why online reputation today has become more important than ever. Just a few mind-blowing stats to prove things to you: