“A chartered accountant’s signature is more powerful than a prime minister’s signature,” said the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing CAs on the foundation day of ICAI in 2017.  That being said, there’s no better time for students to take up professional courses related to accounting

Do you think accounting is just about crunching numbers? Or rather do you think it is a boring job? Then you’re highly mistaken! That’s because accountants can find themselves working in some really cool jobs too! They are a part of the forensic investigation department, they travel to different parts of the world for International Financial Reporting and also manage the balance sheets of famed sportspersons!

For an outsider, accounting might look like a boring and monotonous job. However, ask an accountant and he/she will reveal that the obsession with numbers is perhaps the greatest indulgence. Hollywood has also had its fair share of fascination with accounting, which has been a part of several top rated movies. These films have portrayed accountants as game changers, revolutionists and mega minds armed with the power of analytical thinking.

Internet-based technologies are transforming the business landscape across the globe. All businesses want to work smarter and faster, be it real estate, education, healthcare or banking and finance. Most of them are already using cloud services either for data storage or for connectivity and reducing operational costs substantially. Accounting is no different.

If you have completed an advanced Excel course, be it an online course or a full-time professional course, then you must be well aware of the millions of ways you can use Excel to help you grow in your career. However, have you considered a career in financial modelling?

Trust is limited in international trade as the process is prone to fraud in multiple areas, including invoices, warehouse receipts, and bills of lading. Trade finance processes are paper laden, further increasing the chances of fraud. In addition, much of the trade financing system involves infrastructure created in the 1970s -- before the deployment of digital solutions -- such as the SWIFT system and electronic data interchange (EDI).

If there is one place on earth where information travels faster than light, it has to be the New York Stock Exchange. Colloquially known as the Wall Street, it was originally built to thwart away corruption and crime, so that money can be made the right way.

Microsoft Excel is a popular program used to create effective financial models. There are various kinds of financial models, but there are certain models in the industry which are exclusively created using Excel. These models are widely used throughout the industry, and if you are new to them, you can learn more about them through an online course or an Excel tutorial.

Learning is a never-ending process, and our ProLearner Mr. Yogesh Patil is an example of it. Believe it or not, but Yogesh has earned over six degrees including MBA, M.Com and MFM (and the list continues to grow!). So what drove him to pursue so many degrees and most importantly, where does he find the inspiration and dedication from? Here are the answers from the man himself. 

Positive force at work

A rising need for the availability and utilization of information has brought about an industry that was previously non-existent. Yes, we are talking about equity research. Equity research involves the analysis of the entirety of a company’s financials. Furthermore, it involves the performance of ratio analysis, forecasting financials, and exploring various scenarios that lead to a valid recommendation when it comes to stock investments.

What does an equity research analyst do?

A financial model outlines how a business works. Its main purpose is to facilitate decision making and ease financial analysis to impact the profitability of the business. 

The growth of the Indian economy has facilitated the prosperity of the Financial Services (FS) industry. Anyone who is looking for a rewarding career in the FS industry, need to master the Financial Modelling skill. Despite this known fact, during my various interactions with learners from various age groups, diverse backgrounds, I see a hesitancy in adopting this skill.

At the onset, let me begin by saying that the CFA certification is one of the most prominent certifications in the finance domain. The certificate is awarded to those professionals who qualify the CFA Exam conducted by the CFA Institute and mind it, it’s not an easy-peasy exam.

A lot has been said and heard about the benefits of an online certification program. We don’t want to overbear you with that information. Let's cut to the chase. This article is here to help you to explore a career in finance, and by finance we do not want to enlighten you with the benefits of a CA degree. In this fast moving world, where job prospects are endless, there are many finical courses other than CA which provides seamless opportunities to excel in the financial domain.