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Agriculture is the pivot of India’s economy. According to an IBEF report, more than 58% of the Indian rural households depend on agriculture as their means of livelihood. 10% of the country’s exports are constituted of agricultural exports. Furthermore, agriculture has a tremendous impact on the country’s Foreign Direct Investment.

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As technology in the modern business environment continues to evolve, IT roles in the workplace will need to adjust to the new demands to stay relevant. While this holds true for all technology roles such as developers, coders, and others, the demands placed on data science positions are more exacting. Why? Data analysis is quickly becoming the backbone of every business activity, powering superior decision-making and competitive differentiation. 

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Imagine all the complexities that directors and producers have to go through in order to make a film. You’ve to get your most preferred superstar to like the script, get their dates for shooting and promotions, bear all the starry tantrums, and so on and so forth. Now imagine getting away with all of it – sounds like a producer’s dream right? Given the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it won’t be long before producers simply start recreating their favourite film stars with the help of AI.


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From Loving Numbers to Becoming Numero Uno 

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As AI, deep learning and IoT gain credence as the latest buzzwords, so is the pervasiveness of big data. Why? These emerging technologies are further accelerating data creation, forcing businesses to develop new big data tools and analytical methods to drive actionable insights.

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Companies around the world are using data to offer customised products and services, boost operational efficiency and optimise resources. The result: increased sales, improved asset performance and augmented delivery rate. What can companies learn from data?

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Two teams from Manipal ProLearn made it to the finals of Data Science Society’s Academia Datathon and we certainly can’t stop raving about it!

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Student of the Fortnight - Swaditya Karunakaran

Blazing a trail on the career graph

Sometimes, when you reach the destination after a long and arduous journey, it takes a while for the sense of accomplishment to sink in. 

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Today’s customers expect high quality customer experience to be delivered consistently - across multiple channels. According to a Capgemini study, eight out of 10 customers in several countries across the world, including India, are willing to pay more for better customer experience.

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If you have read books like Brave New World and 1984 by Huxley and Orwell respectively, then you may be aware of the risks that come with technological advancements. From the creation of brainwashed synthetic babies to nuclear bombs with the aim of gaining control over masses, the sci-fi drama ‘Black Mirror’ does an excellent job in taking the legacy forward by using the tech tools of today - big data, AI, and social media and projecting their powers in a futuristic world.

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Nearly 1.7 megabytes of information is expected to be created by 2020. However, it is not the volume of data that matters but what organisations do with it. Successfully managing, analysing and using the data insights is fundamental to creating long term business value.

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Ever since the launch of Hadoop, the big data universe has been taken by a storm, thanks to its simplicity and endless features. As the number of smartphone users and their digital presence increases by the day, there has been a tremendous rise in the volume of raw data generated each day.

This is where the ability of Hadoop to analyze and process the vast amount of raw data at a good speed came in, and it has found its place in the hearts of big data scientists.

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Christopher Wylie made an incredible revelation last week that shook the world of data science and social media. The revelation?

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Right from the Big Bang theory to big data, there is virtually nothing that Stephen Hawking didn’t contribute to. His thoughts penetrated through space and time to discover black holes, peeped into the mysteries of the universe and its origins and inspired every little kid to look up towards the sky with awe. Unfortunately, the hero every space freak worshipped and looked up to left us recently.

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