They say that a good resume may not be sufficient in getting you selected, but a bad resume will certainly get you rejected. So it is established that your resume is one of the most vital elements in scaling the distance between you and your dream job.


R is a free programming language used by almost every data scientist for big data analytics, statistical analysis, reporting, and graphical representation. Its applicability makes it a must-know skill and a vital element of every data science course around the world.

When you consider that humans are visual creatures, the implications for today’s data-driven businesses become clear. Given that the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, deriving real value from it requires businesses to present the right information in a visual format that is easily understood by end users. While graphs, pie charts, bar diagrams are good, they do not connect the different parts of a business problem to present a complete picture to help users arrive at an insightful solution.

  • Previous experience – Microsoft, SABMiller, Young & Rubicam (Ad Agency), Gallup (Market Research)
  • Educational qualification – University of Iowa (Masters’ in Business), Rutgers (Masters’ in Engineering), IIT-Kanpur (B.Tech.)

Cricket commentators are often found explaining a player’s performance, his strike rate against a particular bowler and even match winning percentages based on tons and tons of match data collected over time.

Isn’t it amazing when days just pass by feeling like nothing has changed, but when you look back at those 365 days you realize you have achieved a lot during that time?

Biometric authentication is now a universal security measure, with worldwide adoption and large-scale applications by the government and private entities alike. The enhanced security quotient of biometrics has enabled it to make inroads into government identification systems such as Aadhaar, immigration screenings at airports, authenticating medical records at hospitals, and identification in office buildings. While biometrics brings forth a host of reliable security solutions, there are some aspects which warrant a careful introspection.

Scientists are making leaps in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning every day. The larger-than-life technologies we see in movies such as James Bond and Iron Man might not be too far from becoming a reality with the many developments in the field. Recently, researchers at the Kyoto University in Japan have made one of the biggest breakthroughs with artificial intelligence – they used AI to read people’s minds.

Deep image reconstruction

According to IDC, the Big Data analytics and related technology market will be worth USD 203 billion by 2020. For data science leaders, gaining competitive advantage is no longer about relying on traditional decision-making models but about integrating data science with engineering capabilities, leveraging AI programs to analyse patterns in large data sets, and taking advantage of edge computing to monetise insights.

As we have stepped into a new year, we decided to take a look back at all the data science stories that shaped 2017. It emerged as a big year for data science. Industries across domains realized the importance and potential of data and implemented it vigorously into their operations. New functionalities, new trends and constructive conversations about big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning defined data science in 2017.

Data science has emerged as one of the fastest growing career fields in just a few years. In fact, it was also named the best job of 2017 (in the US), as per a report by Glassdoor. The exponential growth witnessed by the industry has increased the demand for data scientists across several fields. However, breaking into the field can be challenging.

It’s the time of the year when everyone’s in a frenzy, trying to plan and buy the best Christmas gifts for their near and dear ones. With years of gifting and all the data gathered from it, big data analytics that retailers have been using, can now help you pick out perfect presents. 

As per an IDC Digital Universe Study, by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every being on the planet. Uncovering insights from this humungous amount of information will require the seamless adoption of big data technologies, stronger data security, and integration of AI, machine learning as well as cognitive technologies applications with business operations.

We believe podcasts are one of the most underrated forms of communication, especially when most of them are free! So if you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic, just tune into a podcast and use that time productively! You’ll probably come out of that traffic jam a little smarter – seriously!

Bring out the science nerd, data enthusiast, math geek or the curious person in you with these five data science podcasts:

It took Hollywood and Brad Pitt to make data science and sports mainstream. Moneyball, the 2011 blockbuster fuelled interest in the way data is used in sports. Since then many have employed the same, changing the way sports is played around the world.

How data science is making an impact on the field: