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The value proposition of data analytics dovetails with some of the most important priorities of Indian banks today. From cutting down non-performing assets (NPAs), reducing account dormancy and profiling profitable customers to driving targeted customer acquisition and increasing business from the newly banked, analytics makes a critical difference to key banking processes.

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The cost of a bad hire adds up quickly - from recruitment and relocation fees to training, negative impact on team members and lost customers. According to Career Builder Survey, the average cost of a single bad hire is nearly $15,000 and nearly three in four employers feel that they have hired a wrong person for a position.

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India is one of the biggest markets for Chinese smartphones with Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Lenovo dominating the market. Not just phones, but Chinese apps like Truecaller and WeChat are also popular in India. However, recently certain troops of the Indian Army were asked to delete few Chinese apps due to the risk of a data attack.

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Running helps you achieve a level of physical fitness and mental toughness, which is difficult to achieve otherwise. However, these are not the only benefits of running. It can also teach you some truly valuable and unexpected life lessons, especially if you run a marathon. Though the learnings might be different for different people, here are ten things that you learn when you run, which can be applied to various other aspects of your life as well:

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The field of data science requires integration and accommodation into other streams for it to be successful. Data scientists are expected to work alongside their own and extended teams. To inculcate the importance of teamwork, Manipal ProLearn recently organized an outbound training for its full-time students of the PG Diploma in Data Science course.

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Businesses cannot thrive without generating insights from raw data and incorporating them to further the organization’s growth. This is where the data scientists come in. These professionals are experts at unfurling the most complicated data and deriving insights from them through data analysis. 

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Digital identities of more than a million citizens have been revealed by close to 200 central and government websites, claims the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Certain reports hinted that the biometric data was allegedly accessed by 4 foreign portals. The two portals- National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’s (NREGA) are involved in this. They belong to the ministry of rural development.

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Aparna Shetty
Senior System Architect at Philips Innovation Campus
B.E, Computer Science from Bangalore University

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Ravindra Babu Tallamraju

Principal Data Scientist – Flipkart

Veteran Data Scientist with more than 35+ years of experience

Previous Experiences – Infosys and ISRO


Data science has been gaining prominence and momentum over the past decade. With the need to disentangle huge amounts of variegated data, eminent business houses and start-ups are looking for data scientists.

There is an estimated $1.3 trillion worth of bad data in the US alone. Conscious data analysis can weed out and optimise this bad data. For instance, recent studies have shown that Big Data can help save $300-450 billion in health care expenditure alone.


Do you ever wonder how brands such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify remain so popular? They offer great services and people use them, but their brand image is based on more than their services. It is their personalized user experience and amazing customer relations that keep them popular among their audience.


India’s large population and huge diversity make the country an ideal place for any kind of big data exercise. Every industry today is benefiting from big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT). For instance, Dutch brewer Heineken has been a worldwide brewing leader for the last 150 years. Today, as the No. 1 brewer in Europe and No.

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Supply chain professionals are constantly evolving. They are no longer confined to just using spreadsheets, clipboards and phones to manage the company’s supply chains.This evolution has brought on the need for all-rounded experts that possess the essential skills required to be a successful supply chain executive. Onethateffectively and efficiently helps the organization grow.

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It took Hollywood and Brad Pitt – as you would expect - to bring data and sport into the mainstream. Moneyball, the 2011 blockbuster fuelled interest in the way data is used in sports, and since then many have employed the same.