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Manipal Prolearn Blogs

Empowering learners,

Transforming lives

Several tech giants and industry big-wigs like Amazon, Google, Uber, Facebook, and IBM among others are placing their bets on artificial intelligence technologies. Why is every organisation investing billions of dollars in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)?

As technology in the modern business environment continues to evolve, IT roles in the workplace will need to adjust to the new demands to stay relevant. While this holds true for all technology roles such as developers, coders, and others, the demands placed on data science positions are more exacting. Why? Data analysis is quickly becoming the backbone of every business activity, powering superior decision-making and competitive differentiation. 

In an era that is massively driven by technological products, the role of a product manager is a much coveted one. And since tech products are so imperative for day to day living in the modern era, managing them is pretty tough. It takes a lot to be a successful product manager, and we have analyzed some of the most eminent ones to see what are some of their common traits. 

Imagine all the complexities that directors and producers have to go through in order to make a film. You’ve to get your most preferred superstar to like the script, get their dates for shooting and promotions, bear all the starry tantrums, and so on and so forth. Now imagine getting away with all of it – sounds like a producer’s dream right? Given the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it won’t be long before producers simply start recreating their favourite film stars with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence and VFX in Action

If companies could simply order a shipment of growth culture from stalwarts such as Amazon and Zappos, it would be a dream come true. Obviously, reality is far from it and building a company culture that spurs growth takes hard work. But how does a culture of growth look like in practice? It is an organisational mindset wherein setbacks and challenges are seen as stepping stones to development, learning, and overall growth.

Manipal ProLearn Inducted the 4th Batch of Data Wizards

Manipal ProLearn conducted the induction ceremony for the 4th batch of their PG Diploma in Data Science course on Saturday, July 14, 2018, at the Salarpuria Symphony Campus, Electronic City. 

The 90 students present were given an insight into the exciting academic journey awaiting them, and were inspired by words of wisdom from some of the most eminent names in the data science industry. 


India is witnessing a football revolution and brands don’t want to miss out on any chance to capitalize on the same. With the on-going 2018 FIFA World Cup, viewership stats are soaring through the roof, which is why brands love it all the more.

Rapid advances in digital technologies, data, and analytics are transforming the role of data science in the future of work.  While the popularity and excitement around data science is at an all-time high, how organisations value the data science discipline depends on whether they are digital-natives or non-natives.

Java shows no signs of aging or slowing down. Despite the addition of several new programming languages to the list in over two decades of Java’s existence, none can really replace Java’s value or popularity amongst developers. 

So what makes Java so popular with the coding community? And why are IT boot camp training courses flooded with applications from students willing to learn it?

Java - Stronger than ever

Science fiction is fairly accurate if you start listing the technological predictions in sci-fi movies that have actually turned into household stuff today. The common trait in all these tech predictions is an aspiration to make machines more human-like. 

Product managers have become one of the most essential elements contributing to a product’s success today. Indian companies are realizing their importance more than ever. 


Mini CEOs for a mega impact

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been termed as one of the biggest shockers in the FIFA history. The strongest cup contenders like Germany, Portugal and Argentina are already on their way home after an unexpected show in the preliminary rounds.

With increasing competition and reducing margins, companies are resorting to data to steer ahead of competitors. So, here are 4 key questions answered on how organisations can develop data science talent.

We go over the board worshipping our football heroes. But behind the scenes, there are people from different walks of life that make these football heroes – great.