digital marketing strategy

It was observed that by the year 2012 more than 3 quarters of businesses around the world did not have any digital marketing strategy. Though the numbers have decreased, but till 2016 around 66% of the organisation were still delusional regarding digital marketing. This article complies a few reasons which indicate that your business should implement digital marketing strategies for growth and development.

1.       Not sure about the Direction – If you do not have clear strategic goals to achieve new customers or build deeper relationship with your existing customer, then you are in dire need of a digital marketing strategy. Many online course are available for Advanced Digital marketing course that will introduce you to the best practices of Digital Marketing.

2.       No Idea about your Online Markets Share – Traditional marketing and digital marketing are two separate entities and with more and more population going online, it is imperative that you know where your business stands in terms of online participation. If you have no clear digital marketing strategies, then you will be left behind in the competitive race. Existing and start-up companies need to devote a lot of resources to ensure that their digital marketing practices is up-to-date.

3.       Un-Impactful Online Value Proposition – If you do not have a clearly defined online customer value proposition, you will be unable to engage your existing as well as new customers.

4.       Disintegrated Approach – Just implementing a digital strategy is not enough. Your business will suffer if you do not collaborate digital marketing with traditional media and response channels. This will help you get an inch closer to your desired result.

5.       Unaware of Duplication – Most of the organisations hire multiple marketing organisations to fulfil their digital strategies but most often all of then end up purchasing different tools for similar marketing tasks. This not only wastes the energy and resources, but also affects the finances of the organisation.

6.       Unsubstantial Optimization – While most of the companies do practice digital marketing, but very few of them ensure to review and act on them.

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