Learning is a never-ending process, and our ProLearner Mr. Yogesh Patil is an example of it. Believe it or not, but Yogesh has earned over six degrees including MBA, M.Com and MFM (and the list continues to grow!). So what drove him to pursue so many degrees and most importantly, where does he find the inspiration and dedication from? Here are the answers from the man himself. 

Positive force at work

It all started after his 12th standard. This was the time when Yogesh lost his father, but what stayed with him was his father’s wish to see him emerge successful in his chosen field. Though Yogesh was initially keen on opting for Science, he couldn’t do it due to financial challenges. However, he did not let that deter him from making his father proud. He chose Commerce on his brother’s advice and went on to top his college and fulfil his father’s dream. 

This was also the time when Yogesh took up a part-time job as a tutor to support his family financially while completing his graduation. After getting his Bachelor’s degree there was no one to direct him professionally so he started looking for relevant options and enrolled for an M.Com. However, his desire to seek knowledge only kept increasing and he went on to complete his PGDM and Diploma in Tax Management, Masters in Financial Management, and MBA to name a few degrees. That’s right! In a time where students drag themselves to complete their Masters or Bachelors, here is a person who refuses to sit still. Yogesh believes that knowledge is all about continuous learning and gaining as many skills as possible, and we couldn’t agree more. After all, that’s the motto Manipal ProLearn believes in and encourages in our learners. 

That’s not all, he is currently pursuing his Doctorate and Ph.D. degrees as well. Talk about dedication! We obviously couldn’t help but ask Yogesh how he manages to stay on track with all these courses and he blew us with his simple answer. He said, “It is all about being disciplined and managing your time well. I do have my professional commitments as well, so I ensure that early morning or late night studies help me stay on track with my academics.”

Never-ending journey

Yogesh is presently the Associate Professor at Navkar Academy and has been in the teaching field for over a decade now. When asked about switching between the roles of a teacher, mentor, and a learner, Yogesh said, “Like I said earlier, my father was not around when I fulfilled his dream, so I know what it feels like to not have a guiding light or support. I didn’t want young minds to face a similar situation, so I started mentoring students and began offering them career counselling. I noticed that several students were directionless and made choices based on those around them, which I knew was not the right approach to learning. Today, I counsel students and ensure that they choose an academic path that is in line with their passion.” No wonder Yogesh is a favourite among the students at the Academy.

Yogesh further shared that his expertise in several subjects has landed him multiple opportunities, which he has made the best use of. His area of interest has grown exponentially in the past few years, which is why he feels the urge to continue expanding his skills and knowledge. Manipal ProLearn helped him in satiating his thirst for knowledge when Yogesh was looking for a comprehensive online course in International Financial Reporting to improve his professional standing at a global level. He opted for ProLearn’s Advanced Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards and completed it, which now makes him eligible to work in over 100 countries. “This is among the very few financial professional courses in India that certify you to work internationally, making it a great step to advance your career. What appealed to me the most about the course was the way it is designed – it is ideal for working professionals who can gain the required industry knowledge without disturbing their routine.”

Yogesh said, “Constantly upgrading my skills and knowledge while keeping on exploring my options is my aim in life”, a thought that is synonymous with ProLearn’s vision. On that note, we wish Yogesh the best for his future. He is definitely an inspiration. We are sure his appetite for knowledge will help him emerge triumphant on an international level too. 

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