A little android device makes the world go round these days. Whether it is paying an electricity bill or ordering groceries to your home, the android smartphone ensures that your life is sorted. As an Android app developer, you have the capability and power to develop apps which are both simple to use, and are beneficial to the user.

However, with an increasing demand of aesthetic appeal among users, your creativity and approach behind the whole idea must be truly exceptional. There are almost 1.6 million Android apps available in the Google Play Store, and hundreds new are being added every day. Ask yourself: what can you do to make your creations stand out among the other 1.6 million apps?

So to inspire you, here are four apps which are the epitomes of creativity and perfection.

1. Tinder:  Look at Tinder - it combines user experience with, ahem, utility. You just have to swipe left or right, and the app itself does everything else. They made the user experience simple and straightforward enough, by allocating the biggest space on the screen to the most important element – the photo of the individual.

So here’s the key point: Although utility is vital when it comes to apps, user experience should be your priority, too. The visual appeal while operating the app is directly related to our interest in using it repeatedly. 

(Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/2132973-Tinder-Material-Design)

2. Uber: The Uber app is the king when it comes to UI Design. To get on top of the user experience game, it gives us a unique, but easy-to-use user interface. It doesn’t really matter how complicated their task and backend algorithims are. A clean and minimal design makes the task look simple and steals the show. Moreover, the complete vehicle, driver and trip details along with locations are all presented beautifully - all in one screen without looking gaudy.  

(Source: https://www.theverge.com/2016/6/6/11853752/uber-driver-new-app-features-announced-perks)

3. Glympse

Source: http://merabheja.com/best-android-apps/

Glympse is one of the coolest android apps available on play store. It allows you to share your real time location on map, but in a really cool way.

Let’s say that you are on your way to a mall, and your friends want to know where you have reached. You can send a ‘Glympse’ to those friends and they can track you in real-time on the map. You can set the time period for which you want to share your real-time location with your selected friends. You can also set the duration they can track you, along with your destination, and of course, the people who can track you. Pretty cool right? There are a lot of boring location sharing apps, but this app makes things a lot more fun with its attention to detail!

4. Photomath:

Source: http://merabheja.com/best-android-apps/

It is one of the most useful android apps around! Via Photomath, you can solve complex math equations and large calculations. But here is the amazing part, you can solve these just by taking a picture via this app! Students all over must consider the app as a boon. So when it comes to utility, the app is really innovative, as all one has to do is take a click! There are many problem solving apps around, but the Android app creators decided to think outside the box here! The key point to remember here? Innovation is a must when developing an app!

All in all, if you are into android app development, there are a lot more apps out there which can inspire you from a creative perspective. The cool thing about an app is that by developing one, you can not only make a user’s life easier, but also showcase your creativity when it comes to the utility and user interface. So here’s hoping that you develop the next great android app!