The Future is all about Upskilling

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Mar 13
Relational Analytics: Taking people analytics a step further to improve performance
Addressing hot button HR issues such as gender inclusivity, upskilling/reskilling, and employee...
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Mar 13
The Expectations from a Data Scientist of 2019
‘Data scientist’ is termed as the hottest profile of the 21st century, and this trend will witness...
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Mar 07
Love to Order Food on Swiggy? Find out How AI is the Key to Provide Happy Eating for You!
If there’s one thing that’s certain in 2019, then it’s our hunger to order food using food...
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Mar 06
AI, Automation are the Way Forward
As technological innovation continues to disrupt the business landscape, global labor markets are...
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Mar 05
Training Wheels
To gain a smarter workforce, companies are directly partnering with colleges to train students...
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Mar 04
Using Citizen Data Scientist to Bridge Data Skills Gap
A perfect storm is brewing in the world of analytics. On one hand, organizations are prioritizing...
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Mar 04
Student of the Fortnight: Mohit Dogra
A sales career can expand horizons for someone who is potential. Firmly believing in this thought,...
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Mar 01
Top 3 Examples of Smart Digital Leadership
It’s clear that the wave of digital disruption sweeping across industries is creating significant...
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Feb 26
Student of the Fortnight - Sumonto Goswami
Armed with a farfetched ambition and a passion to grow a career in sales, Sumonto Goswami got...
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Feb 21
The ProLearn-Equifax Alliance: A Bedrock for Success Stories
Manipal ProLearn’s PG Diploma in Data Science witnessed a rocking start of its placement season...
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