The field of digital marketing undergoes constant change, as you must have witnessed for almost a decade now. Every new technology is quickly adopted and brought to purpose, in the hope of coming up with effective marketing strategies that are more precise and better yielding.

The technology driven digital marketing strategies today not only ensure a better ROI on marketing budgets, but are constantly trying to engage the consumers in more meaningful ways. The digital era has brought a shift in the way the consumers are engaging and reacting to marketing. By being valuable and in-context with consumer needs to a great extent, a digital marketing strategy is not seen as an interruption like TV ads or other paid advertising mediums.

From auto chat bots to augmented reality, from live video streaming to tagging brands on your social media posts, let’s take a look at what avatar the digital marketing is going to don in 2018.

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1. Personalized Marketing Strategies

If you are not already amazed by how accurate the suggestions made by e-retail sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. are, 2018 will make it look like sorcery. In 2018, the marketing platforms will collect key consumer information like browsing patters, buying history, content preferences, media consumption habits and create customized behavior marketing strategies for each consumer. Capitalizing on Big Data and AI (artificial intelligence), the new marketing softwares will be able to create and run custom marketing campaigns that will precisely target individuals and not masses. AI, Intercom and Drift are going to be the marketing tools of tomorrow capable of creating engaging marketing strategies.

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2. Social Media will take control

Of all the digital marketing channels, social media is a marketer’s favourite and it’s very easy to see why. Both don’t look like marketing at all to the audience, and they deliver the brand message effectively. Taking advantage of this fact, social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook will see an increase in influencer marketing campaigns.

Instagrammers are now playing the role of a mini brand ambassadors in front of their niche audience, and are creating meaningful dialogue with the customers. The brand endorsement by these mini ambassadors is seen as more trustworthy and honest by their audience compared to celebrity endorsements. Their latest feature Instagram stories is already making waves.

Also. LinkedIn has seen a steady rise in 2017 with many users mustering a fan following in professional circles by creating informative and educational content through blogs and articles.

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3. Ad free content to be the king

Every day, marketers are losing big marketing spends to ad blocking and filtering tools like Youtube Adblock. The single biggest threat to digital marketing campaigns is the consumer’s power to block ad content. In 2017, many websites made it mandatory for the user to disable ad block to enter and browse their website.  2018 will witness novel and innovative ways with which the marketers will work around this problem.

While product placement in content is not a new method, the newer methods will incorporate AI, big data and predictive consumer behavior technologies to place product logos and marketing content that won’t look out of place to the audience. Companies like Accenture are already developing product placement technologies that will be able to create a win-win situation for both marketers and customers.


The highly dynamic nature of digital marketing is both exciting and full of opportunities. While it’s transforming every day, one thing that is sure is it’s here to stay. The employment opportunities in Digital marketing are also growing immensely. Online digital marketing courses like Google Digital Marketing course and Big data analytics training can help you create an exciting career in digital marketing.