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Manipal ProLearn, a part of Manipal Global Education Services, offers a variety of professional certification programs across IT, Management and Finance domains. Carrying forward the Manipal legacy of over six decades in education, we help working professionals and students enhance their skills and fast-track their careers.


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Intensive Market Research

Our journey starts with an intensive market research to identify skill sets in demand.

Subject Matter Experts

With the help of subject matter experts and industry professionals, we design and develop courseware, tailor-made for the various requirements.

Relevant and Updated Content

We constantly update our course content as per industry standards for our learners to stay relevant with the latest technology and skills.

Industry Leading Partners

We also partner with industry leaders such as Google, Sandbox, Peoplecert etc. to add value and recognition to our certification courses, worldwide.


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Domain Competency

Topmost domain competitive courses included in the curriculum

Digital Marketing

Almost half of the world’s population is online today. Everything is available on the internet. Established companies as well as entrepreneurs are increasingly embracing the digital space for their marketing endeavours. Traditional marketing efforts are reinforced with digital marketing strategies to enable real-time interaction with targeted audiences therefore, creating a demand for digital marketing professionals.

Data Science

Data on consumer behaviour today is easily available thanks to social media platforms, surveys and instant consumer feedback. They allow businesses to customise or tweak their products/services, and innovate to cater to customer requirements. There is need for professionals to fully exploit this overwhelming volume of data and leverage this information for remarkable business results.

Project Management

Project Management is often characterized by overrun costs, missed deadlines, delays, poor communication, and incomplete work. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, where almost a third of all projects get cancelled due to lack of leadership, planning, mutual accountability and communication. Professional project management skills thus add value not just to managers, but to anyone involved in a project.


Technology is a constantly growing and evolving domain. Whether you work for an enterprise, a small business, government, healthcare or any other place - IT professionals are required everywhere. Relevant certifications help learners validate their skills and knowledge for specific technical procedures or softwares.


Finance is integral to every organization. Industry leaders like CIMA are constantly raising the bar for professionals by updating and refreshing the processes, methods and techniques in Finance. Certifications courses in Finance not just improve marketability of finance professionals but also help them develop business acumen and leadership skills to succeed in this domain.


Flexible Course Delivery Modes


Learners have access to all the reading materials, videos and PPTs on the learning management systems in the Online – Self based mode.

Instructor Led

In Online – Instructor led mode, there are live, interactive webinars with industry experts to help learners understand concepts better.


Learners get to interact with Subject Matter Experts(SME’s) face-to-face in a classroom with this mode of delivery.