Costing and Accounting
Six key accounting concepts
Master the three financial statements
Role of variable and fixed costs

Starting at Rs 4,599

EY & Manipal University Advanced Certificate in IFRS
ACCA's Diploma in IFRS Preparatory Program
Joint Certification from EY and Manipal University
Comprehensive Learning

Starting at Rs 25,000

EY - Finance for Non-Finance Managers
24 Hours of Intensive Training
Program Inclusions
Certificate of Participation

Starting at Rs 23,000

Finance for Non-finance
49 episodes on accounting, costing and finance
Understand six key accounting concepts
MCQs to ensure concepts have been understood

Starting at Rs 5,750

Financial Accounting
Learn to create & issue company's financial statements
Master concepts, principles and conventions of accounting
Understand subsidiary books

Starting at Rs 2,876

Financial Management
Learn about ratio analysis
Working capital management and risk management
Apply time value concept

Starting at Rs 3,450

Financial Modelling Using Excel
Master Basic and Advanced concepts in MS Excel
Forecasting Financial Statements
Valuation techniques and M&A Analysis

Starting at Rs 11,500