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MongoDB and Developer Admin

starting at Rs 9,775
  • Advanced NoSQL Database
  • Real-life Projects
  • Highly Rated Faculty
120 Learners

Big Data Analytics using Hadoop

starting at Rs 15,220
  • Tool based learning
  • Learn from an industry expert
  • Live streaming data
565 Learners

Cloud Computing with MS Azure

starting at Rs 7,188
  • Understand the Cloud Computing Services
  • Work on Cloud APIs
  • Industry recognized certificate
981 Learners

Android App Development

starting at Rs 7,166
  • Master the Basics
  • Unique Audio/Video Training
  • Exceptional Learning Methodology
770 Learners

Business Analytics

starting at Rs 8,626
  • Learn from real life case studies
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • 24/7 access to e-learning content
1852 Learners

ITIL Foundation

starting at Rs 19,271
  • Accredited to Peoplecert
  • Webinars/ Classroom Sessions with ITIL® experts
  • Training for ITIL® Foundation Certification
167 Learners

Advanced MS Excel

starting at Rs 5,750
  • Simulator based learning
  • Pivot tables, Macros, Formulae
  • Self-assessment quizzes
7661 Learners

Digital Marketing Professional Program in association with Google

starting at Rs 34,500
  • Master Google AdWords
  • Expert faculty trained by Google
  • Certification by Google India
1767 Learners

Advanced Digital Marketing

starting at Rs 24,927
  • Real-time simulation exercises
  • Test your Strategy
  • Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing
201 Learners

Management Information Systems

starting at Rs 2,876
  • 100+ demos to help master MIS concepts
  • 24/7 access to e-learning content
  • Industry recognized certificate
141 Learners

PRINCE2® Foundation + Practitioner

starting at Rs 62,978
  • Master PRINCE2® processes
  • Accredited to Peoplecert
  • Ace PRINCE2® Foundation+Practitioner certification exam
110 Learners

Digital Marketing Certification

starting at Rs 10,553
  • Test your Strategy
  • Basics of SEO, SEM & SMM
  • Webinars and practice quizzes
2600 Learners

Business Strategy

starting at Rs 4,313
  • Business Strategy Certificate by Manipal ProLearn
  • Self-assessment Exercises
  • Learn at your Convenience
186 Learners

Mobile Marketing

starting at Rs 11,500
  • App Marketing & Monetization
  • Mobile analytics and optimization
  • Mobile marketing tools
121 Learners

CIMA - Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

starting at Rs 69,000
  • Accredited by CIMA, U.K.
  • Preparatory course for CIMA Gateway exam
  • Training & CIMA exam fees included
27 Learners

Management Accounting

starting at Rs 2,876
  • 100+ demos on Management Accounting concepts
  • Self-Assessment exercises & quizzes
  • Flexibility in learning
169 Learners

Financial Accounting

starting at Rs 2,876
  • Learn to create & issue company's financial statements
  • Master concepts, principles and conventions of accounting
  • Understand subsidiary books
155 Learners

Financial Modelling Using Excel

starting at Rs 14,376
  • Master Basic and Advanced concepts in MS Excel
  • Forecasting Financial Statements
  • Valuation techniques and M&A Analysis
153 Learners

Financial Management

starting at Rs 7,188
  • Learn about ratio analysis
  • Working capital management and risk management
  • Apply time value concept
119 Learners

Bank Probationary Officer (PO) Exam Coaching

starting at Rs 11,500
  • Ace various Bank PO Exams
  • Comprehensive Learning Material
  • Additional 1000+ questions
170 Learners

C# Developer Job Prep Stream

starting at Rs 11,500
  • Abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Operating and Network Systems
  • Concepts learnt through Problem Solving exercises
129 Learners

Java Developer Job Prep Stream

starting at Rs 11,500
  • Hands-on training
  • Conceptual & technical learning
  • Content aligned with Pre-Joining Courses
108 Learners

C++ Developer Job Prep Stream

starting at Rs 11,500
  • Learn about Software testing and Programming using C
  • Use C, C++ to develop programs
  • Industry recognized certificate
159 Learners

Database Management Systems

starting at Rs 302
  • Identify the difference between
  • The course spans 1 hour of
105 Learners

How Google Page Rank works

starting at Rs 302
  • Visibility to the targeted audience.
  • Course span
111 Learners

RDBMS Normalization

starting at Rs 302
  • Work with RDBMS.
  • Implementation of these concepts.
106 Learners

UNIX File System

starting at Rs 302
  • Unix Operating System
  • Increases Employment Opportunities
103 Learners

PL/SQL Programming

starting at Rs 302
  • Video content and Online reading material
  • Increases Employment Opportunities
112 Learners

Evolution of Business Analytics

starting at Rs 302
  • Industry recognized certification
  • MCQs
  • Experiential learning model
110 Learners
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120 learners Starting at Rs 9,775
565 learners Starting at Rs 15,220
981 learners Starting at Rs 7,188
770 learners Starting at Rs 7,166
1852 learners Starting at Rs 8,626
167 learners Starting at Rs 19,271
7661 learners Starting at Rs 5,750
201 learners Starting at Rs 24,927
141 learners Starting at Rs 2,876
110 learners Starting at Rs 62,978
2600 learners Starting at Rs 10,553
186 learners Starting at Rs 4,313
121 learners Starting at Rs 11,500
27 learners Starting at Rs 69,000
169 learners Starting at Rs 2,876
155 learners Starting at Rs 2,876
153 learners Starting at Rs 14,376
119 learners Starting at Rs 7,188
170 learners Starting at Rs 11,500
129 learners Starting at Rs 11,500
108 learners Starting at Rs 11,500
159 learners Starting at Rs 11,500
105 learners Starting at Rs 302
111 learners Starting at Rs 302
106 learners Starting at Rs 302
103 learners Starting at Rs 302
112 learners Starting at Rs 302
110 learners Starting at Rs 302

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